Version 0.8.1675 (06/07/2023)

-Changed name of municipality "Didgori" in "Tbilisi". The City of Tbilisi can now be found under the municipality Tbilisi.


 Version 0.8.1695 (20/07/2023)

-Changed name of municipality ": ზუგდიდი" to "ზუგდიდი". This has led to an ID which could not have been checked in the database.

-Schema updated how the Identifier of the Declaration Of Conformity are composed.

-Flags added to the Declaration Of Conformity.


 Version 0.8.1731 (20/07/2023)

-Digital signature added on Declaration of Conformity


 Version 0.8.1732 (04/10/2023)

-Additional Cadastral code added (if set) to ID of Declaration of Conformity